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Nomenclature (-or- A bit of a personal tangent)

March 21, 2012

You may be wondering why this home and cooking blog is entitled Ducks in a Row. Why not something like Design and Dishes by Deanne? Or something maybe a little less cheesy than that, but obviously with an alliteration (I loves me a good alliteration). Here’s the story (apologies for the super long post):It’s a Pitlyk Family tradition to designate one’s house as a Pitlyk house by displaying concrete ducks in the front yard. This dates back around 100 years, and such ducks have since been made from the same 100-year-old concrete duck mold by my grandpa. When I had friends over to my house growing up, I would always tell them to look for the ducks in the yard. It was an easy marker of a fun and fabulous household (if you know a Pitlyk, you know good times are to be had in their presence). When the hubby and I bought our first house, my dad took the initiative to gift us with our very own set of Pitlyk ducks, making us the first grandchildren to have them (he was very proud that we were going to carry on the tradition). He borrowed the antiquated mold from my grandpa and tirelessly worked to pour and shape the concrete, let it harden, and paint the his masterpieces for us. It was part of our housewarming gift from my parents, and I was elated to find the perfect spot for the ducks in the front yard. I tested several spots and duck formations before settling on aligning them right in front of our porch for all to clearly see. My neighbors must have thought I was off my rocker. They also probably thought we were the type of patient to adorn our lawns with gnomes, flamingos, and the like. Nay, OUR lawn ducks are classy and timeless.

Now what does this all have to do with my blog?

When thinking about my blog, I knew I wanted to write about cooking and baking and crafting and home renovating, common themes in the blog-o-sphere. But, true to my nature, I had to find a way to set my blog apart from the rest.

In all aspects of my life, from school projects to extra-curriculars to packing for vacations to planning a wedding to buying someone a birthday gift, I have always, ALWAYS planned, organized, and meticulously worked to insure that I had all my ducks in a row (let’s not even get into dating…). All my moves were careful and well-thought out. I may have been in my head too much, but I enjoyed having my life in order, goals in mind, and a plan to achieve them. And to truly have my ducks in their said row, there must always have been some sort of special flair added. This usually involved staying up until the wee hours of the night to bedazzle a project display, make props or themed baked goods to share for a presentation, or to travel to 7 different stores to find just the right coordinating bracelet to match the outfit I bought my mom for her birthday – always lots of stress, but always, ALWAYS worth it. You can tell from my recipes/projects/tangents that the details make a difference in my book.


Now, I have new types of ducks to line up. Life as a big girl. A new home and marriage, work, church, family, friends, hobbies… Aligning the major aspects to my life requires a special kind of skill set, one that I am constantly evolving. No longer is it school first, everything else second (well, for now). It’s a mesh and a blend of everything I hold dear. As my life evolves, and I accomplish my dreams, big and small, I know keeping those little duckies all in order will take a lot of patience and a lot of balance.


One thing I have always worked at. Turns out, when you come with a Type A personality, you sort of dive right into a lot of things and other things, like relaxation, exploring hobbies, spontaneity, etc. go by the wayside. Not to say that, in the pinnacle of my Type A days, I abandoned my family, friends, and general happiness. I just may have burnt myself out on the things that were temporary. My new intent, as part of getting my ducks in a row (sorry, metaphorical overuse), is to be consistently aware of what is truly important and what makes me happy. Lately, those things include family time, being cozy in and enjoying our home, cooking/baking/crafting per usual, church involvement, exercising,  reading (I know some of you are shocked), and just being in the present. I am at a much-needed limbo phase of my life right now, and I am soaking it up. I’ve heard from a lot of people close to me, especially my mom, that I seem truly happy and entirely myself these days, which is absolutely true. I’m finding the balance I’ve always needed. Thank goodness I don’t have kids yet. Who knew balance would be so difficult to attain when you’re just in charge of yourself (and occasionally your spouse).


Fast forward to next August, when I’ll be telling you a whole new story. Word on the street is that PA school will knock one’s socks off, and not necessarily in a good way. I look forward to the challenge of surviving (and succeeding) in school, while still finding time to do the things I love and enjoy the company of the people I love. And I’ll DEFINITELY be doing a lot of stress baking, so you can look forward to all those recipes!


So there you have it. A little off topic, a little on a tangent, but now you know where the literal and figurative ducks’ history lies. For all intensive blogging purposes, I’ll try to stick to the more poignant subjects: cookies, curtains, crocheted scarves, and all things cozy, but don’t be surprised if you stumble upon a few posts here and there about surviving the demands of a master’s level program while trying to satisfy an insatiable need to be a 20-something Martha Stewart. This could get hilarious; can you imagine, accidentally packing my cookbooks to class instead of my pharm textbook or dissecting my chicken before I roast it?

Ok, I may have already done the latter… so maybe this balance business is innate and won’t be so difficult after all.

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  1. March 21, 2012 9:53 pm

    I love you Dean! Thanks for posting! Always loved those ducks!

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