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Thirty Minutes After Closing…

June 5, 2011

… we moved these things in:

Our wedding toast glasses and matching vase (we polished off a bottle of champagne on our perfect little porch swing that day), obligatory cookie jar stuffed with homemade chocolate chippers and Trader Jo-reos, deodorant, and my Bible to turn the house into a home...

WalMart’s cheapest newest beer, “Beer-30 Ice,” to treat our helpers and get everyone through the hours of wallpaper removal, and my favorite Paula Deen blueberry pie candle…

Soft Dog, always by my side during 23 years of milestones. Don’t judge me.


So, after all the necessities were unpacked, we moved on to our second order of business. Peeking under the carpet!

There they are! Absolutely gorgeous, honey oak, real wood floors. Couldn’t be more perfect.

He was really excited. I was beaming from ear to ear behind the camera. He wanted to rip out all the carpet immediately, but we decided it would be best to peel off the wallpaper to prevent our pristine floors from getting soaked with removal solution and littered with sticky paper. Since the living room and bedroom were wallpaper free, we made a deal that we’d get those two rooms painted first, so he could get the carpet out quickly. We wanted to breathe some life into the floors!

So our first night, we were up into the wee hours of the morning, stripping wallpaper with spray bottles of warm water and fabric softener. Works like a charm!

Kitchen. See that gold-colored stuff on the left wall? That would be 30-year-old wallpaper glue. Notice how the wall on the right is nice and white? That’s after a rigorous bleach-water treatment and a LOT of elbow grease.


Hallway. We found brown paint under the wallpaper here, which made the wallpaper glue especially difficult to see, and thus, difficult to entirely remove. Thankfully, it was only painted on one wall.

It’s amazing how we could completely trash a place within hours. What a mess.


Office. Again, what a mess. But this makes for a really spectacular “Before and After” post! Setting the bar low – name of the game…


Bathroom. There was a sickening amount of mold/mildew beneath the wallpaper. No one entered the bathroom without wearing a mask. I think that was our first official rule of the house.

We sprayed diluted bleach on the walls and watched the micro-forests disappear. We love us some bleach. Then, we applied a generous amount of oil-based Kilz on the walls to make sure they are absolutely uninhabitable for any unwanted organisms. If you ever come to visit, just make sure you don’t lick the walls or anything :)


That’s how we left the house that first night. We knocked out a tremendous amount of work for one day and were completely exhausted and absolutely thrilled with our big purchase.

After investing just one day of work and doing every bit of it ourselves, our pride of ownership already started developing. This little house quickly started transforming into our home.

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  1. June 9, 2011 7:34 pm

    You need to blog more! I’m living vicariously through your house remodel :). If only I could speed up time so Sam was already done with law school and I was done with nursing school… :)

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